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We are committed to providing liquidity to trustees, receivers, creditors’ committee counsel, ABC ‘s, creditors and sellers of distressed receivables, assets and inventory with superior value in a fully compliant manner. Havildar Capital’s compliance and reporting, asset management, collections, and recovery strategies are unparalleled in the industry and provide a unique national and international footprint.

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We will evaluate and bid on any judgments from any jurisdiction. Both commercial and personal judgments thereby creating immediate liquidity for the seller.


Havildar Capital evaluates, prices, and acquires receivables portfolios (charge offs, performing/non-performing debt from sellers, including from bankruptcy), distressed assets and inventory while maintaining the highest ethical and legal standards.

Distressed Assets

Our compliance, experience, reporting, licensing, and asset management support also satisfies all parties, concerns regarding regulatory and reputational risk for fiduciaries and non-fiduciaries alike.

Inventory Acquisition

Havildar Capital quickly delivers portfolio and opportunity evaluations and conducts seamless transaction execution with clear accountability after the sale. We provide a reliable solution for sellers and creditors to create immediate liquidity.


We are proud of the depth of our team knowledge and expertise to cover the entire continuum of performing, aged and non-preforming debt purchasing, distressed assets and inventory opportunities within or outside of bankruptcy that include:

Commercial Interests

  • Bankruptcy Judgements

  • Commercial & Personal Judgements
  • Commercial Receivables
  • Oil & Gas Industrial
  • Real Estate
  • Easement & Access Rights
  • Intellectual Property Interests
  • Equipment Finance

  • Non-registered Debt/Equity
  • All Hard Goods

Consumer Interests

  • Credit Cards
  • Signature Loans
  • Personal Medical & Elective Surgery Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Auto
  • Personal Leasing
  • Payday Loans
  • Heathcare

  • Royalties

Getting started

We look forward to the opportunity to evaluate debt portfolio assets and start establishing a baseline for pricing. We are the reliable, stable receivables and distressed acquisitions partner that our clients and partners expect.

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