Our Process and Method

Receivables & Distressed Assets & Inventory Acquisition

Havildar Capital evaluates, prices and acquires receivables portfolios (performing/non-performing debt from sellers, including from bankruptcy) and distressed assets and inventory while maintaining the highest ethical and legal standards. Havildar Capital optimizes the yield of the opportunity, translating to superior value for sellers by employing multiple account strategies and statistically validated liquidation methodologies over the optimal duration of the asset. Our approach results in assessed values through our underwriting and evaluation systems netting a high market bid when compared to other institutional buyers. Fiduciaries and other court-appointed or sanctioned decision-makers respect and appreciate our evaluation methods and the bids we produce for each opportunity.

Risk Management

Our compliance, experience, reporting, licensing, and asset management support also satisfies all parties’ concerns regarding the regulatory and reputational risk for fiduciaries and non-fiduciaries alike.

Havildar Capital quickly delivers portfolio and opportunity evaluations and conducts seamless transaction execution with clear accountability after the sale. We provide a reliable solution for sellers and creditors to create immediate liquidity.