Our Process and Method

Havildar Capital’s process and method begins with developing an understanding of the opportunity. Our experienced team of lawyers, accountants, consumer and industrial goods specialists and analysts have deep experience in all asset/opportunity types enabling us to rapidly evaluate an opportunity and provide a bid for your review and consideration.

Given our deep historical experience in all asset types, we have the skills, technology, and expertise to unlock hidden value of under considered value by our competitors when evaluating an opportunity generally; resulting in higher and more efficient bids compared to the market.

Our Approach

Acquisition Approach

Whatever the opportunity, we will evaluate and model the available data and opportunity; scrub the results through our proprietary analytics systems to uncover additional value and prepare an offer to acquire the same for your consideration. Our evaluation and transaction processes are efficient generating the additional liquidity that you require.

Joint Venture Approach

Creative solutions often entail working together to arrive at a solution that satisfies your objectives and longer-termed goals. We offer a collaborative, joint-venture solution wherein Havildar Capital will run the same analytics and evaluation undertaken for the Acquisition Approach. Havildar Capital would also provide the asset management, compliance and collections and enforcement services in partnership with you on a profit-sharing basis.

Our Approach

Proprietary Technology

Proprietary Technology

Our specialty business units have developed proprietary software for the management of acquisitions, account servicing and recovery management. These custom tools are the product of our teams’ experience, refined by the 3 million accounts purchased over the last 5 years.

Security is at the core of everything we do. All the account information we acquire is securely transferred, housed and managed in a digital environment specifically designed for receivables management.

We create seamless integrations with our potential creditor partners including establishing a standardized evaluation process for portfolios to quickly analyze pools and determine their value range.

Our Focus

Compliance Focused

We understand that we are an extension of you and we are committed to protecting your brand and reputation through our focus on the debtor experience. We respect debtors and work hard to assist them in resolving their financial obligations.

Service Provider Network Management

Our specialty business units include professional and reputable collection agencies and law firms. Our compliance and management teams carefully monitor our network to ensure they are meeting required standards of data security . Our agencies and law firms are audited annually. We use custom technology for real-time management of our service provider network.

Our Focused

Policy & Procedures

Policy & Procedure

Havildar Capital has established a detailed policy and procedures manual for the management of our business. Each detail of our operation has been carefully considered, enacted and is reviewed regularly to identify opportunities to further enhance the quality of our services and the satisfaction of consumers.

We manage complaints and disputes received directly or through our service providers using a powerful platform designed to improve the speed of issue resolution.

Our service provider network has direct access to our CMS platform to provide real-time updates on complaints, disputes, licenses, insurance and other items.

Policy and procedure documentation are easily managed, versioned and controlled in our CMS.

We closely monitor our CMS to understand trends and proactively identify areas for improvement. Our CMS gives us insight into our compliance database and reports on the overall industry powered by the CFPB database.